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Troll Proofed. Innovation Protected.

The Defensive Patent License (DPL) is a new legal mechanism to protect innovators by networking patents into powerful, mutually-beneficial legal shields that are 100% committed to defending innovation – no bullies, trolls, or other leeches allowed. It also helps prevent these actors from patenting open technologies and pulling them out of public use. It's a way for patents to be used for good, and support innovators instead of threatening them.


Dig Into the Details

The Defensive Patent License has reached 1.1! Learn more about the license, download it, and find out about the DPL Community:

Join the Discussion

We've brought together a group of the top minds from legal academia, firm practice, in-house to debate the DPL.

DPL Birthday Party
Revealing the DPL 1.0 and starting the DPL community.


  • Jennifer Urban
    Giving control back to inventors who believe in promoting innovation rather than litigation is an important step in curbing patent abuses.

Julie Samuels
The DPL represents an important answer to the fundamental problems with the patent system.

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